1. Excellent Lean and Muscular Physique

    Chase is a very handsome four year old English Bulldog, with a very sensitive tummy! We switched to a VéRUS Chicken and Rice diet about 2 months ago and we are very happy with his new diet! He loves the food (but to be completely honest, he isn't very picky!) . He is definitely less gassy, which his family loves!! In addition, Chase does not chew his food very well due to his massive underbite. I…Read More

  2. Regurgitating Kitty!

    I am the mom to four terrific cats, ages 8 mos to 10 years. One of my cats, Miss Nattie, who is now 7 years old has always had an issue with regurgitation. I got her when she was just under a year and she never had a heathy appetite. The vomiting would occur whether she was given dry food or wet food. Small amount or allowed to graze at will. Sometimes hair would come up, other times not. I have j…Read More

    Tiffany, VA
  3. Breed Prone to Food Allergies

    I just wanted to let you know how much we love your dog food! My sister swears by your food, so when we adopted our dog last year we decided to try your product. Our dog is a Wheaten Terrier mix, a breed that is prone to food allergies. When our Elvis came home, his skin was very dry & flaky. After a few weeks of using your [Life Advantage] chicken formula, it completely cleared up. His coat i…Read More

    Jennifer- Williamstown, NJ
  4. Digestive Issues

    Just a note to express how thankful I am that I found this dog food. A few yrs ago my dog was having digestive issues, vet could not find anything wrong with him, chalked it up to him being 8 yrs old. My vet suggested probiotic along with his food, it helped but not 100%. After a few months of this I found a local Pets Plus store and they recommended VéRUS and he's been well ever since., that was…Read More

    Lisa, PA
  5. For years my cats could not digest regular cat kibble, even H****.

    Whatever they ate, came back up from time to time. I went to Superior Pet, Havertown, PA and learned about VéRUS. In the past three years, I no longer clean up hairballs, etc. and they can keep it down! They all look beautiful as well. Now that we have two dogs, of course they're on VéRUS as well. A friend of ours has a cat who suffered terrible for 11 years with sinus problems and needed antibi…Read More

    Marie, Philadelphia, PA
  6. Hot Spots

    Switched my 9 year old lab to this 2 months ago. He always had allergies and hot spots. since switching to your product, what a difference in his coat and stamina. no licking, and he loves his food. Thank You.…Read More

    Ken, PA
  7. How Healthy She Looks

    My dog, Diamond, has been eating your dry dog food ever since she was 4 months old and now she just turned two on May 8th. Everyone is always saying how pretty her coat is, and how healthy she looks :)…Read More

    Darlene, MD
  8. Dear VéRUS Pet Foods: Hazel Lucy is my 9 year old cat

    She was diagnosed with diabetes about 3 years ago. I gave her 5 units of insulin twice a day. Initially she ate the Hill’s for diabetic cats. Then I found Superior Pet and bought VéRUS Feline holistic cat food. It was 2006, I switched to VéRUS and after two small bags she was stable at 2 units once a day. Since she began eating this wonderful food, she is more alert, more active and her fur is…Read More

    Julie, Narberth PA
  9. “Loving Babies for Loving Homes”

    After 25 yrs of breeding dogs I have finally two years ago  found a dog food that meets all the needs of my dogs at all life stages. Our motto at Plantation Delight is "Loving babies for Loving Homes." VéRUS makes this possible.  …Read More

    Sandy Reynolds - Owner Plantation Delight
  10. VéRUS petfoods Rock!!!

    VéRUS Petfoods rock!!! Neka age 1 has been on VēRUS since 10 weeks old. Sindel - est age 2 - VēRUS fed for 4 days and has no issues on the life advantage. Her coat will come in beautiful!…Read More

    Kris Feb 2012