I am the mom to four terrific cats, ages 8 mos to 10 years. One of my cats, Miss Nattie, who is now 7 years old has always had an issue with regurgitation. I got her when she was just under a year and she never had a heathy appetite. The vomiting would occur whether she was given dry food or wet food. Small amount or allowed to graze at will. Sometimes hair would come up, other times not. I have just now discovered she will eat, and tolerates very well, a food from *** ****** ******* called Prowl. It is the only thing she eats and consistently keeps down. But I (wanted) to find a dry food for her as well. She has been offered the usual foods, the only food I have offered her that I consider ‘outside of the box’ is by **** *******. I was hoping (that) would be better for her than ******* ****, ******, etc. But this comes up with the same regularity. She is 7 years old, a healthy weight, perhaps by modern standards a touch underweight, she definitely does not have the modern day indoor cat waistline!

I just placed an order with Heartypets.com for a 12lb bag! So far the samples are working out well and all four cats are loving it. But better than that, I give Nattie a few pieces at a time during the day, and no signs of distress. She ate a few pieces of Blue Buffalo by accident this morning and it came right back.

I have gone through so many brands of food (over the course of 7 years, never a fast change) and she would always regurgitate. I even gave her a quarter of a Pepcid a couple times a week thinking she had an ulcer. The Pepcid helped, but never stopped the vomiting, though she did seem more comfortable.

Tiffany, VA