My beloved pom Bandit developed diabetes when he turned 12 as a result of pancreatitis. After going to the vet and starting him on the insulin shots I had consulted a pet nutritionist about what I should feed him. She highly recommended this brand I had never heard of before, VéRUS. My only regret was not finding VéRUS sooner for him. He was doing SO well after we started feeding it to him, everyone could tell he felt better. In fact, after his blood tests our vet said,” Normally I tell people to change the food but his levels are great so whatever you are feeding him, keep doing it!”. Unfortunately Bandit did finally end up passing away when he was 14yrs due to old age. I strongly feel we wouldn’t have gotten those 2 extra years had we not found VéRUS. We have a Keeshond puppy now and I ONLY feed him VéRUS and he is healthy and beautiful!