Team VeRUS Disc Dog: Hippie Chick

History of Team VeRUS

Team VéRUS began February 2011 when a man passionate about a hobby and the love of his dog made a phone call to VéRUS PET FOODS. After learning more about his dog and the sport they represent, we realized this was a perfect match for VéRUS PET FOODS.
Raised in Pennsylvania, 45 year old David Gosch never thought he would have been blessed as much as he has. After serving in the U.S. Coast Guard for 4 years, David returned to Pennsylvania and graduated from Penn State University in 1998. He then took on a career as an estimator for landscape installation. Although he has always been intrigued about the sport,he didn’t start this journey into the disc dog world until 2009, when a friend offered him to casually compete with her dogs. Less than a year later, this unique relationship between a dog and her owner unveiled.

Team Splash Happy

What is Splash Happy

If you have ever attended a K9 Dockdiving competition and watched the line of dogs behind the dock waiting for their turn, you know. Normally sane pups that listen to their owners get so worked up and impatient to get up on the dock, they become absolute nut jobs; toys have been shredded, fingers have been broken, and nearly everyone gets barked at and jumped on. That my friends is Splash Happy.