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Satisfied, Long-time Customer

Hi, I'm just a long-time, satisfied customer and I wanted you to know that I recommend VeRUS almost everyday to readers on FB page "The German Shepherd Dog Community - Group" .  There are so many dogs out there with allergies, skin issues and other ailments and everyone wants them well.  We have so much confidence in your products and we want others to try the best foods available. I refer them to your website to get info and locations. So if you're seeing an increase in hits, it's probably from my referrals, haha!

Hope you and yours have a great New Year!

Thank you!

Marlene, Jim & Shelby R.

Selbyville, DE

Satisfied Shelby

Best Looking Pup in my Family!

Hi my name is Bella. I'm a 3 year old St.Bernard. Some people may consider me a local celebrity. I have been featured on a billboard for a local pet store. I even have a fan club who come into the store to see me. To keep myself looking good and healthy, my managers and I have chosen VéRUS dog food, specifically the Opticoat. My family has a history of chronic skin and coat issues. Once they saw how great this food makes my coat, they too have switched to the VéRUS. 

I believe they were just misinformed in the past about quality foods. They believed the grocery store foods were healthy. They didn't realize the corn and fillers in the food caused allergies, and even required us to eat more of the food to get the same nutrients. So in the long run, VéRUS is not any more expensive then the "bargain" foods.

The fish oils have helped my skin and coat so much, i hate to brag but I'm the best looking pup in the family. I'm picky about my food, so that why I have chosen VéRUS Opticoat.


Derrick- Bel Air, MD

July 2011

We've tried many different dog foods claiming to be top dog foods and have had many issues (some of which were digestive issues, weight gain, skin problems) but VéRUS has been the only one that works for both our dogs. Our lhasa is 9 1/2 yrs and our newfoundland is 8 mths. The newfie has had terrible digestive issues since we got him at 6 1/2 mths. He was on [P P] Shredded Chicken Variety. He was on chicken and rice for a couple weeks to get his digestive system calmed down. When we fully put him on the VéRUS Chicken Meal, Oats, and Brown Rice it cleared right up (it took about a week of slowly adding VéRUS it to the chicken and rice). They're both maintaining their proper weight without increasing exercise or cutting back on the amount they eat, they both have great shiny coats without adding anything more to their diet, no more digestive issues or loose stools, less stool to clean up, and proper energy levels. It's been a winning situation for us!

Kimberly Sherman
Elkton, MD

We have 2 pugs, Charlotte(2 yrs) and Mojo(6yrs). We have given Charlotte this food since she was a pup. Her coat is amazing and my vet says charlotte is one of the healthiest dogs she has ever seen. Mojo, who we recently rescued, is doing well with VéRUS. When we brought him home his nails were brittle and breaking and he had a hard time digesting food. His coat was rough looking. Now our mojo looks happy and healthy!! He has no probs with digestion and his nails are strong and his coat is healthy looking. We would not give our babies anything other than VéRUS. We tell everyone about this food. We appreciate the care given to what is important for a healthy dog.

Thank you for a great product!!!!

Sherry, NJ

May 2011

This is Corpsman (Dobe) and Brewtus (min Pin). After 8 trips to the vet in 2003 with my Dobe for digestion problems. Vomiting, loose stool ect. Went through anti-biotics, meds steroids ect and really pricey unhealthy foods. A friend recommended Crunchies in Crofton. I explained problem, VéRUS was recommended and Problem solved. He has been my demo dog (I'm a trainer) and works doing search and rescue for lost pets.

Thanks verus! You have a customer for life!

Sincerely, Jim Hansen of Komplete K9 in Balto Md.


Feb 2012

We Love Your Products And The Dogs Love It Too!

We are the South Paw Pet Resort located at 8004 Burnt Mill Rd in Willards Maryland 21874. Our website link is below our signa-ture. NAN is our VéRUS distributor and not only do we recommend and sell your products to our clients we also use VéRUS Chicken and Brown Rice formula as our house food at the resort. We love your product and the dogs love it too.

We were introduced to VéRUS about 8 months ago and decided to change the food we feed our own black labs (Gabbie and Webb) from Origen to VéRUS Menhaden and Potato. We are thrilled with the results. Since that time we have been promoting VéRUS to our clients at the resort. We feel great offering VéRUS knowing it's a premium quality food at a price point that works. Thank you for producing a great product and making it here at home in the USA.


John and Denise Niemiec
South Paw Pet Resort


This is a picture of Bella. She is a 3 year old Chesapeake Bay Retriever and has been enjoying VéRUS Advanced Opticoat for over a year now. She had a hard time keeping weight on her due to her level of activity. Now, not only is she up to a healthy weight, but we have to feed her a lot less of VéRUS than we did of her old dog food.
Dawn Jacukiewicz Howard



April 12

Excellent Health

My lab Hutch, LOVES your Chicken & Rice food :) He has the shiniest coat & is in EXCELLENT health. We get compliments on how handsome he is all of the time. Thanks VéRUS!

-Laura Morgan

March 2012

Suffers From Food Allergies

VeRus has been a great food for my three labrador retrievers, Emma, Lacey and Dobson. Emma competes in agility and needs to be in tip top shape to run fast and run clean. She also suffers from food allergies and VeRus Menhaden Fish and Potato has been wonderful for her. She hasn't been bothered with her allergies and her coat is thick and shiny. Lacey is my therapy girl and she constantly gets comments of how soft, thick and shiny her coat is, when she visits with patients and children, during our therapy sessions. I also volunteer for a local rescue and adopted Dobson. His coat was unhealthy and patchy. After a few weeks, on VeRus, his coat filled in and was shiny and soft. When I foster dogs, from the rescue, I feed them VeRus. They all love the taste and the improvement in their coats and health, in just a short time, is amazing!!

Thank you!

VéRUS is an excellent dry kibble for our standard poodles. We start our puppies out with dry VéRUS (soaked in warm water) at four weeks- Our show dogs as well as our seniors enjoy this quality food.


Diana Caulfield- PA

Tree Tops' Poodles/ 2011

When you told me about changing Tasha’s food, you definitely knew what you were talking about. I can actually touch her now without a handful of hair coming off her.  It’s amazing.  I can’t believe it.  Even her ear has cleared up like you said it would ever since I changed her food from Pedigree to VéRUS.  She loves the food and I want to thank you so much for suggesting VéRUS to my baby girl, Tasha.  You guys have always done an amazing job on her whenever I bring her there for grooming.   By the way, she also lost a bit of weight since I put her on VéRUS, which is a good thing, because she was overweight.



Evelyn T. Jackson

I switched my black lab Finn McCool to VeRus after a recommendation for his reaccuring ear infections. Not only are we finally wining the ear battle, but I've noticed a pep in his step, and his coat is like ink!! It may cost me a wee but more, but saving me in vet bills!!! Thank you VeRus!!!!


I stumbled upon VéRUS Pet Foods about 8 years ago because I had a dog who was a very poor keeper. Although he was healthy otherwise, he would not gain weight. I had struggled with a variety of highly recommended foods with limited success and I wanted something I could feed all my dogs. I was impressed and have stayed with the food ever since. I highly recommend it to all of my clients and am a huge fan of the Menhaden Fish and Potato, which I feed as a maintenance diet to all of my boarding dogs. 

A sincere thank you for making a quality product that I can safely suggest to my clients affected by the recent recalls!


Linda, MD

Lionheart K9, Dog training in MD

We love VéRUS.  Here is a picture of [Roxie's puppies at 2 weeks].  We still have one of her girls, Mimi and she is a spitting image of her mother at 6 months, as well as her great grandmother Dori who is still in our home.  We switched over to VéRUS a couple of years ago in your breeder program and absolutely love the food.  As we have brought new dogs into our program, we are amazed at the ease of transition to VéRUS foods.  Pups never have distress from a switch to VéRUS food from whatever they were on before.


Our dogs and puppies are healthy and full of energy.  We are really glad we moved over to the VéRUS breeder program.


Bob and Georgeann Reeve

Brightwater Bernese Mountain Dogs


My 6 year old pitbull Jinx seemed to develop a very bad either skin or food allergy recently. He would lick his paws until they were red and developed hot spots on his body. Within two days of switching to VéRUS Advance Opticoat he started showing signs of improvement and now has made a full recovery. Thanks for supplying us with a high quality dog food.

Zach Boles, PA

May 2012

"Thank you so much for your help.  Choosing a good food for my dog is extremely stressful for me and I truly appreciate your kindness in responding to my email with such a complete answer.  It really means a lot to me that you would take the time to explain all of the factors. I sent basically the same email to 4 companies and your company is the only one that has responded. Please know that there are many consumers like me who are grateful for reliable answers to questions as we search for quality food for our pets."

I am very pleased with your product! My dogs are happy and healthy and their coat is so shiny! I feed 4 large breed dogs with this dog food. Thank you!

Bethany- MD

Oct 2011

Been feeding my 4 year old lab your food for 3 months now. I couldn't be happier. Since she was a puppy, I have had trouble with her

being able to tolerate her food. She was constantly getting sick. Her bowel movements were horrible. My dog is so regular now in that department! !Just f felt like I had to contact your company. Regards .... A very happy customer.

 Pam Bookman-  NJ

August 2013

‎2 weeks now on the chicken formula and they love it!!!!



July 2011

We have two dogs (a Golden Retriever and an English Mastiff). We have not found a better food for them. We love this food!

Alyson- NJ

Buddy is a VéRUS chicken and oats addict that came to us from the Mid Atlantic Springer Spaniel Rescue.  Thank you for making a great food that does not cut corners on nutrition or quality.

Thomas- PA

Feb 2012

I've been feeding my German Shepherd VéRUS Lamb, Brown Rice and Oats recipe and I've noticed a significant decrease in his allergy symptoms. Thank you for making wholesome nutrition at a reasonable value.


Lynn Woodruff- MD

Daisy's a 6 years old pointer/lab mix rescue. We have previously fed bb but our dogs had extremely dry coats with heavy shedding

A friend, who has the agility champion in the US, and I have been looking for a food that has no preservatives in their canned food and a healthy dry for both dogs and cats (we have two dogs and six cats).

Research brought us to you.

Our animals LOVE your food and I have seen a significant improvement in their coats.


Barb- PA

Oct, 2011



I can't say enough about VéRUS Dog Food. Being a breeder for 10+ years, it was so nice to finally find a High Quality food at a reasonable price! I have tried several  brands of dog foods over the years but was never truly happy with any of them. After researching dog food once again I came across VéRUS. I liked what I saw- High Quality ingredients, real meat ( not by-products), no fillers,  no chemical preservatives, and made in the USA! I decided to give it a try. I switched a few of my dogs over to it. After a short time I did notice a difference in my dogs. They loved the taste and never left any in the bowl.  I could feed less and maintain the ideal body weight for each dog. There was less poop scooping (always nice). Their coats looked shinier and felt softer.  Overall health and appearance improved. I switched all my dogs over. It was so nice to only have to get two different kinds of food (adult + puppy) for all of my dogs. (old timers, studs, dams, and puppies). I highly recommend VéRUS Food to all of my puppy families!!

Thanks for a great food

Debbie Wachter

Countryside Doodles - WV

August, 2011


I love VéRUS and have been feeding it for years. I've also converted about 20 people to your product. I have 3 greater swiss mountain dogs. My two big ones are champion show dogs with obedience titles, rally titles, pack titles, and are therapy dogs. They go to the library and kids read to them. The little guy is almost 14 weeks old. They are doing great on your product.

Doreen- PAverusdoreenholly

In a rescue setting, we are constantly looking for products that will
promote the best health and wellness in our animals.  Unfortunately,
cost and time are always a factor since most rescues, including my own,
work on a meager budget and with an even smaller staff.

Most of our rescues come to us with some kind of health issues.  We
strived to find a better dog food that could perhaps help us address
some of their ailments without subjecting the animals to invasive
treatments, medications or injections.

After a great deal of research, VéRUS was recommended to us.  Upon
crunching the numbers, we were astounded to find that we could feed our
dogs VéRUS for mere pennies a day!  Our board decided to give VéRUS a
two-month trial period.  We started by switching half of the rescue over
gradually, while the remainder of the animals continued to be fed the
previous brand.

The changes in the animals who were fed VéRUS were dramatic.  The dogs
who had skin issues began to experience clearer, less irritated skin.
In addition, stomach ailments seemed to settle and bowels were more
infrequent.  The dogs eating VéRUS ate less; their coats and overall
appearance also improved.

Today, all of our rescues, as well as our pets, are eating VéRUS daily.
We are thrilled that we gave VéRUS a try--it has resulted in the dogs
feeling better and less work for us, which is always a plus.  We have
established VéRUS as our recommended brand to adopters and we're glad
that most continue to use it.

Thank you for a great product!  We will continue to use (and promote) it
in the future!


Hope Benson Simmons   Director /CEO of Laura's Hope  Rescue

April 2011

I have been using VéRUS for my 3 shepherds for about 5yrs now. 2 of them are rescue dogs. I will be rescuing 2 cats here shortly and plan on continuing my use of VéRUS with them. Love the VéRUS products!!

Kendall- Baltimore

Since I started feeding my cats VéRUS, the flaky skin condition that my black cat has had for most of her life has completely disappeared. I've tried many remedies and various different foods over the years and none of them seemed to work. Her coat is now shiny and soft. Thank you for providing such a wonderful product, which has made my little Silhouette happy and healthy.

Myles (puggle) is 1 1/2 years old. We have had him on VéRUS since we brought him home. The only problem we had with the fish formula was that this little one would scarf down the food. We were afraid since he wasn't chewing it that it wouldn't digest properly. We called the VéRUS customer service and asked what we should do since the Opticoat was working so well on our other dog. They told us that in order to see the full benefits of the fish formula, our dog only needed to stay on it for 3 months and then it was perfectly Okay to switch. The very friendly girl on the phone said that it "balances the acidic level in a dog's body". Once doing so, she said maintaining either the Life Advantage (chicken) or Adult Maintenance (lamb) will be plenty of nutrition for our dog (s). 

We ended up putting them both on the Adult Maintenance (lamb) formula as it had a larger kibble. It has been 4 months since we took them off the Opticoat (fish) and they are doing exceptionally well. Thanks VéRUS!

Jennifer, MD

March 2011

Our 3 greyhounds (Gigi Tomas and Teresa), who are 11, 8 & 8, go crazy for their meals when we add canned VéRUS food to their VéRUS kibble! We add warm water and the greys begin bouncing for their meals! Thanks so much for such a greyt product!


VeRus has been a godsend for my bullie. She is so gluten intolerant, she would bloody diarrhea with just the slightest bit of food with gluten. Since going on VeRus, her bowels have completely normal....thank you


Jan, 2012


William and Harry have been eating VéRUS since they were started on food at the Last Chance Ranch prior to us adopting them.  They were found when 1-2 days old during the week of the royal wedding and brought into the ranch.  They were both bottle fed in a foster home until they were large enough to come to their forever home.  This little royal pair has spunk and energy which comes from the food they eat.  They started on VéRUS at the shelter and we love it for the cranberry to keep their urinary tract systems super healthy ! 

Ellen and Kori Livingston


Our Mascot, Stevie, is a blind Springer spaniel.. behavior, skin issues, ear infections, and watering eyes plagued him until our switch in dog food. He enjoys his food so much he sniffs around other bowls when they are out for play time to see who didn't finish their meals!!! 

Hope Simmons/ CEO of Laura's Hope Rescue.

I recently received an 8 week old Bulldog puppy as a foster. She is blind and suffered from Rickets. She also had uncontrolled diarrhea that no one could fix. I immediately knew what to do. I had the same stomach problems with my Dane puppy. I switched her from puppy chow to the Opticoat. Nearly an Immediate turn around!!! Solid poo, and with the help of some calcium pills, her legs are

growing stronger. She is now a bouncing ball of puppy wiggles (and shes getting chubby!. VéRUS makes all the

difference. Every foster pup I get LOVES it!

Wendy, VA

June 2014


We are a family owned kennel and feed our labs VéRUS religously and are very happy with the results!  Our dogs look amazing and have great coats and love the food and are very healthy!  We have in the past yr started buying it in bulk and selling to other customers who also have very active dogs like labs, shorthairs and springers.  They had tried all of the other foods and were not happy with the results and then they heard we had something new and are extremely happy with it!  We run our dogs in hunt tests and get alot of compliments on how good our dogs look and have passed on our experience with VéRUS foods. We are truly satisfied with VéRUS foods!

Thanks, Derek Miller "Millers Windy Ridge Kennels"derekmillerverus

March 2012

We started feeding Chance VéRUS kibble after it was recommended to us at a local speciality pet store.  Chance developed a habit of “scooting” and we asked the pet store if they had anything that could help.  They indicated a switch in his food would influence this behavior and recommended VéRUS.  The issue was resolved immediately after switching! Since the switch, we have run out of food on occasion and had to pick up a small bag of food from the grocery store until we could make it to the speciality pet store.  Each time, the scooting has returned.  Clearly, the food makes a huge difference in my dog’s quality of life and I feel much better about feeding him VéRUS over other brands!  

Chandra, VA

Sabrina is clearing a jump on her way to becoming one of the only, if not the first, bloodhounds to earn an agility title.

Thank you VéRUS


I just wanted to tell you how much I love your dog food for my cockapoo! My dog Rocco has been fighting systemic yeast for years. Since I switched to your food he has improved! The fur he has is comming in thicker and some areas are regaining fur growth!

Sylvia, PA

I just want to say A BIG THANK YOU! I have a 5 year old pug and all he does is scratch himself raw. He has been on every type of medication known to vets. I have been saving money so he could have scratch testing done at the amount of $800.00. My boss at work told me about your product and within 2 days Louie does not scratch and is not covered with neosporin. His coat is amazing and the dark spots from scratching are disappearing. Louie thanks you!

-Lisa August 2013                                                                                                                                   lisaverus

My golden puppy just began eating VéRUS Puppy Advantage and is doing very well on it. [We advised  Ginny that if her dog is expected to be over 55 lbs at adult weight, we suggest using the Life Advantage, as it is catered to all size adults AND Large breed puppies.]


Ginny Butkowski

Here's a pic of our aussie's. Devlin is the red tri and Keelin is the black tri color. Both of them eat the Adult Maintenance(lamb) and luv it! We switched to your food 9 months ago from {P P}. Our australian shepherds love it and i have seen a difference in their skin and less drainage from their eyes! Not to mention stool improvement.


Nina- PAnina-verus pet foods

After my service dog began having stomach issues because of food allergies, my trainer, Pat Jarvis - Director of Training at Fidos For Freedom, and Sandy Ball - Director of Client Services, recommended that I switch Chloe to VéRUS Advanced Opticoat Menhaden Fish Meal and Potato kibble. She has been on it for four years now and is doing great! Her coat is always beautiful and she loves the taste! Thank you VéRUS for extending the working life of my service dog.


I have used nothing but verus for over 3 years now for all my cats as that is what they were being feed at the rescue I adopted from. This is a great program and I truely would like to thank Jersey State feline fanciers for recomending verus and help them in the work they do.


John- NJ

October 2011

This is Louis aka Louie Louie. He's been on VeRUS since June when he came to me to foster. He's filled out some now and though previously a picky eater, he loves the VeRUS.

Heather- Cherry Hill, NJ

December 2010

My Matches is a very picky eater.  I used to have to sit with him while he ate and occasionally put a finger in the bowl to stir his food around and happy talk him into eating.  VerRus sure changed all that.  Now when I am measuring out his kibble, he is doing a happy dance.  He takes a couple of supplements and a thyroid pill twice daily.  I just drop them in the bowl undisguised and he woofs them right down with the VéRUS.

My groomer compliments me on the quality of his hair every time she grooms him.

Linda , PA

Come on now, all these VéRUS dogs, where are the cats?! Our cats go thru a 30lb bag a week -- I'll try to get a pic of my cats. When I first cut open a bag, they come running like when I come running when I hear the whush of air come out of a fresh bag of coffee. :)


DeAnna, Georgia

Gregs cat, from Feed Plus in Fallston MD, can't wait for it to be put in a bowl.

 This cat is great in increasing overall product turns!

Two months ago Maxx (Wally IV 2008) was at the Vets for an ear infection. 


Yesterday he was back for his wellness visit and because he gets a little nervous our Vet always spends some time petting him.  She couldn't get over how soft and shiny his coat had gotten.  She asked if we had changed food.  Maxx just started on his third bag of Versus so that had worked really quickly.


I was embarrassed that neither I nor Steve noticed it until she pointed it out.  But I guess our excuse is we see him everyday.  Anyway thanks for the advise on the food and we are saving the upcs.


Our vet was also hoping this will help with his sometimes itchy spells.


Kathy Silliman; Adopted dog from MAESSR

We at Blackrock Bernese have been feeding VéRUS products for over 5 years.  Our dogs are top quality show dogs and we have had nothing but beautiful shining coats and healthy animals.  What we like so much about the food is that it is very basic.  Not a lot of bells and whistles that end up costing so much at the store.  With VéRUS you get a high quality, whole food that provide the nutritional needs of our dogs without breaking the bank , so to speak.  We raise our puppies on the puppy food, and our show dogs eat Life Advantage chicken, while our top dog Tanner, ( #1 Bernese in America) loves the Fish and Potato.  I encourage all of my puppy buyers to feed VéRUS and for the most part, they follow my instructions. 

Thank you for making such a great product.

Dawn Cox

Blackrock Bernese/ PA

I am a  local k-9 officer and my partner "Johnny" is a 8 year old German Shepherd.

I have worked with Johnny for four years and was introduced to VéRUS from a co-worker.

I have fed Johnny VéRUS Life Advantage for 3 1/2 years and feed my personal dog "Jake" Life Advantage as well.

Johnny has had no health issues and still does well for an old guy.


Charles Orem

Bel Air, MD


We have been carrying VéRUS for approximately the last 10 years. It is a great food and has helped so many of our customer’s animals – not to mention our own pets.

I wish over the years that we had kept track of all of the comments we have received regarding VéRUS. Of course they were all positive. Customers have told us they have seen a remarkable change in their dog’s coat. Too bad we hadn’t taken before and after pictures of some of the dogs who came through our doors. Several of the dogs went from scraggly thin fur to a beautiful full coat. We push the Advanced Opticoat formula especially in the winter months to add extra Omegas to the dogs’ food. People have told us how the fish formula has cleared up allergy problems very quickly.

We have also heard that the VéRUS food has helped the bully breeds with their flatulence problems. The lamb formula seems to work well with them. We suggest the Adult Maintenance for dogs ith sensitive stomachs. The lamb also does a great job in removing and controlling the tear stain problems in the white fur dogs. Owners who have come in looking for tear stain remover products have been switched over the VéRUS Adult Maintenance with wonderful results.

Both the Advanced Opticoat and the Adult Maintenance formulas work very well on dogs that have a weight problem since they are low in fat and calories.

Sometimes we don’t even have to see people to sell the VéRUS foods as many of our customers who have been completely satisfied refer VéRUS to their friends who are looking for a quality food. They come in asking for VéRUS because it has helped dogs they know.

We suggest to people that they change proteins occasionally to give their dogs the benefit of eating different proteins for variety and health.

It is just amazing what a good pet food will do for pets VéRUS is our top selling food for both dogs and cats. Another reason we are totally satisfied with VéRUS is that they are committed to independent business by not putting their food into big box stores. That is a huge plus in today’s economy.

Jim & Joan Rooney, owners

Paws and Claws OC

I own a pure breed champion boxer named King.  I have been feeding him VéRUS chicken and rice and/or fish and potato ever since he was 6 weeks old.  He has, by far, the brightest coat for a brindle boxer that shines.  He has out grown his siblings by far . He just turned a year old and weighs 74lbs solid muscle.  I would not feed my dog any other brand but VéRUS because I believe it has a lot to do with how my dog is today.

Reggie- Elkton, MD

April, 2011

I "discovered" your food through the annual dog food article in Whole Dog Journal.  Our local distributor, Concord Pet, carries your food and they have stores throughout the whole state of Delaware so our foster families throughout the state can easily purchase VéRUS.  The foster dogs all seem to love it, and it has done amazing things for their coats and skins.  

I have 3 greyhounds as personal pets and our family almost always has a foster and we go through a 40 lb. bag of VéRUS in a little less than 3 weeks.  And because your food is so good, I actually use less VéRUS than I did with other brands of food.  

Thanks for making such a terrific product!

Gail Rys



Barbara Camp, NJ

I used to feed []. Now I feed VéRUS, it has more to offer, and my dogs really like the food. The only reason I am still feeding [ ] is because one of my bitches is nursing right now, and it was the only food I could get on short notice at the time. I have not yet fed the VéRUS puppy food, but my dogs love the VéRUS adult food. I have to say I am really picky about what my dogs eat, and I think that so far, VéRUS is the best food I have ever fed. Thanks


Lydia- VA

Personally I think it is MAGIC

I switched my dogs to VeRus after the Maryland picnic and the presentation on dog foods. My husband and I own 11 dogs and usually have around 10 fosters at the house at a time...that means we go thru many many pounds of dog food.

I cannot believe the changes in my dogs since I switched to the VeRus.  My springer, Oliver, who has very bad hips and bad knees has lost six pounds.  I have been trying to get weight off of him for 2 years and just could not make it happen.  In addition, Oliver had several patches of hair that looked dead and dry on his back.  These have almost disappeared.  Oliver's energy levels are way up and I have been able to reduce the amount of pain medication he receives. 

Sharee, my oldest girl, has had skin issues for years.  I was constantly trying to figure out how to stop her from being so itchy to the put she would chew raw patches on herself.  Her skin is now in fantastic shape and she is no longer itchy.  Her hair had become several shades darker liver.  Her eyes are clearer. 

Wendy Pepper, our blind cocker, does not get much exercise and so was getting way too chunky.  She has lost 3 pounds.

I can tell you it is not because I am feeding the dogs less....because I free feed (which means I have food constantly available so they eat when and as much as they want).  I have seen really fantastic results from the VeRus.  I do not usually get into the food discussions, because I know that everyone has their own opinions on food, but I just cannot believe the changes in all my dogs. 


Debbie, MAESSR

Cheyenne (lab/boxer) is a mixed breed that I rescued. She loovveeess food. Her coat was dull when I first got her though. She was on Beneful for the first 2 years of her life. Once we realized how little of nutritional value the food was, we immediately started researching for a better food. My sister in law told us about VéRUS. We put her on the Advanced Opticoat (fish) formula which did wonders for her coat. She also suffered from UTI's often but since she's switched to VéRUS, we have had no issues.

Jason, MD


Hi, We recently welcomed a puppy in our home and the breeder was using VéRUS puppy advantage and was very happy with it. We purchased a bag and we too are very pleased with the quality of the food and the obvious benefits on the pup (Bailey).

Carol Ann -NJ

April 2012

The before and after photos of one of my Bulldog Healthwww.BulldogHealth.com customers who started feeding VéRUS are remarkable. His coat, the mark of good dog health, is now shiny and rich and no more gassiness. She liked it so much she is now a dealer in Lituania, called Vaizdinys. Great food is the cornerstone of dog health and VéRUS is a great food.



June 2011

I would like to take this opportunity to tell you how pleased I am that I sell VéRUS Pet Foods.  
VéRUS Pet Foods, without a doubt, can stand toe to toe with the best, natural-premium pet foods available.  There have been countless numbers of customers reporting back to my store that their dog's (and cat's) health has improved by switching to and using VéRUS.  
VéRUS is, in a good way, the best kept secret in the industry.  As owner of an independent pet food store, I always look for products of quality and exclusivity-- VéRUS fills both of those requisites.  Having my business in close proximity to several  "box" and independent pet food stores, I need a product line like VéRUS Pet Foods which is priced right and of uncompromising quality.
Thank you for being a company of dependability and integrity--which for me is the mark of an industry leader!

Ken Daminger

Daminger's Natural Pet Foods
641 Main St.
Sewell NJ 08080

This is Tully, my verus fed "Springador". He's going to be 9 in January. Note that glassy coat! Before VéRUS his coat had gotten dull and the undercoat was dry. Now it's silky soft and everyone who meets him comments on how glassy and glowing it is!

Heather- Cherry Hill, NJ

Love your product. This is all that we feed to our dog and to the foster dogs that come into our home. We work with Adopt A Boxer Rescue. I always give a glowing speech to adopters that you have the best product out there. There is no need to gradually introduce VéRUS as a new food, there are no bowel changes that we have ever found. The dogs coats are beautiful after being on the food and they do not have that typical "dog smell" as when feeding other products.

 -Christina, PA

June 2013

I know VéRUS has made two big improvements in our dogs.  For Roxie, the Boston, she has never been smoother or more soft.  Her coat feels like satin and that has only been since she went on VéRUS a year ago.  Prior to that she was eating another higher quality brand and wasn't as shiny. 

The Boxer is a foster that was adopted that ate VéRUS too.  Parker had horrible eyes when we got him as a foster and after a couple weeks on VéRUS, his eyes cleared up and he no longer had constant eye boogers and staining on his face.



July 2011

The fish and potato is wonderful.We have 3 dogs.We used to use ****,until we found out it is junk.Our dogs are so much better after 1yr on this food.Shedding is not a problem also the 10 yr old is grt.She is so much healthier and plays like a puppy.

Thank You,for giving my pets a much better life.


I just purchased the grain free canned formula in beef / kiwi and im am very impressed in how the food looks and that you can see the kiwi. I wasn't sure if my one dog could eat it cause he is allergic to everything but I figured I would try it. Well he and my other dogs loved it and no reactions.


Nancy, NJ

March 2012

Hi Everyone,

I would like for you to know that my cat Lindsay is improving daily. I'm adding dry VéRUS cat food slowly into her diet.

She is on only one third VéRUS and I see an improvement in her coat, her playfulness and her personality in general. I have added VéRUS only less than two weeks ago.

I'm still adding a high fiber food in there are well for bowel movement purposes and will eventually see if I can switch her totally to VéRUS.

Thank you Russel for spending so much time with me on the phone last week.

I also purchased a cat water fountain which I will hook up soon.



Peggy and Lindsay  Halifax, N.S.

Hi, I am a pet owner of four dogs and a cat, three large breed and a Persian. I buy pet food about three times a month for the dogs and once a month for the cat. I have recently been introduced to VéRUS after NUMEROUS problems with other foods with my dogs. This is a hit and seems to work for them all (Pit Bull, American Bulldog, Pomeranian, Bernese Mountain Dog). As they are all therapy dogs, it is imperative that they have good food to keep their coats in tip top shape, even with their weekly bathing. We have tried **, **, **, and **, and this is the first food I really love and really seems to not cause upset stomachs.

Anya- Richmond

This litter is exceptional.  They were all within 3 ounces either way of a pound at birth.  The vet questioned us on how old they were when we took them in for their dew claw removal and baby exam.  He thought they were a week old.  The weights at 6 weeks were between 9 and 11 pounds.  Beautiful, soft coats...happy, healthy puppys.


Thanks again for making such a great product,


Janell and Mark O'Connor


Our 6yo bull terrier, was just found to be highly gluten intolerant. She also needed a low protein dog food, due to kidney issues. VéRUS has been the only food that I give her, and she is doing so well since starting it. Thank you VéRUS!!!

Sharon, NJ

He was very underweight (58 pounds) and his teeth were "much older than his age," according to the vet, so who knows what he was fed? After I started him on a "high-quality" commercial pet food, a dear friend recommended VéRUS. I purchased a bag of Adult Maintenance kibble, and because he needed to gain weight on a slow, healthy schedule, I also bought the canned lamb and rice (for his coat) and chicken and rice. Well, he is now up to 72 pounds, and he is so shiny and beautiful that people stop me on the street to comment on how he gleams! He NEVER scratches, he has NO allergies and he is as full of life and energy as a young black lab should be (god help my back!!). THANK YOU for all you do! Topper is the world to me and it gives me joy to know I am feeding him the very best I can buy.

Wendy A, Wynnewood PA

I have finally found a food that Bradshaw will eat. VéRUS  is the only food that he actually waits at his bowl for. Regardless of what I fed him, I normally had to coax him to eat, or add something to it. I had him on every possible food I could think of. I have chosen to feed him the opticoat

I wanted a high quality food for him. VéRUS was was suggested by friends who have a German Shepherd. My brother also feeds his dog VéRUS. I am very pleased with this food and I am recommending it  to other people who are looking for a quality food for their dogs and or cats.

I cannot thank you enough for this product. I know Bradshaw is happy too!  :)

Many Thanks

Judith A. EhrlichbradshawVERUS
Bethlehem, PA

We ruled out fleas and other allergens and finally I decided to switch to a better grade of dog food, and picked VéRUS due to having a distributor in our local Kennel Club.  Not only does her coat look wonderful but also the itching has stopped completely!  She rarely scratches if at all.  I tested this recently when I ran out of VéRUS and used another high protein food and the scratching began again.   Obviously she has some allergy to something in the ‘cheaper’ made dog foods.  Hats off to VéRUS.  It keeps my dogs very healthy!  And now that she’s pregnant, I will recommend VéRUS to all my puppy buyers.

Brenda- Delmar, MD

My beloved pom Bandit developed diabetes when he turned 12 as a result of pancreatitis. After going to the vet and starting him on the insulin shots I had consulted a pet nutritionist about what I should feed him. She highly recommended this brand I had never heard of before, VéRUS. My only regret was not finding VéRUS sooner for him. He was doing SO well after we started feeding it to him, everyone could tell he felt better. In fact, after his blood tests our vet said," Normally I tell people to change the food but his levels are great so whatever you are feeding him, keep doing it!". Unfortunately Bandit did finally end up passing away when he was 14yrs due to old age. I strongly feel we wouldn't have gotten those 2 extra years had we not found VéRUS. We have a Keeshond puppy now and I ONLY feed him VéRUS and he is healthy and beautiful!



Georgia, our American Bulldog, loves VéRUS! I was concerned with how she was going to handle the transition to it since her breeder had her on a different brand food. We had no problems at all with the transition and her coat looks terrific. Georgia has loved VeRus since day one and we would recommend it to any pet owner.

Crissy- Philadelphia, PA

I wanted to let you know how happy we are with your canned cat food with the green lipped mussels. Our cat is healthy and has a wonderful coat after starting your food. She was not able to tolerate other cat foods - all caused her vomiting. Your food has been a wonder for her.


Eric, PA

My 3 Beagles are all on VéRUS Life Advantage. They work hard as therapy dogs. VéRUS keeps them strong and healthy!

Michelle Cohenmichellecohenverus

Chase is a very handsome four year old English Bulldog, with a very sensitive tummy! We switched to a VéRUS Chicken and Rice diet about 2 months ago and we are very happy with his new diet! He loves the food (but to be completely honest, he isn't very picky!) . He is definitely less gassy, which his family loves!! In addition, Chase does not chew his food very well due to his massive underbite. In addition, most bulldogs have a very narrow palate to begin with. The small kibbles in VéRUS food are just perfect for him. 
All three dogs in our household now eat VéRUS: Chase, Milo (French Bulldog), and Annie (our rescue girl, a mixed Terrier). We know that they will stay healthy on this food, and maintain their excellent lean and muscular physiques!


I am the mom to four terrific cats, ages 8 mos to 10 years. One of my cats, Miss Nattie, who is now 7 years old has always had an issue with regurgitation. I got her when she was just under a year and she never had a heathy appetite. The vomiting would occur whether she was given dry food or wet food. Small amount or allowed to graze at will. Sometimes hair would come up, other times not. I have just now discovered she will eat, and tolerates very well, a food from *** ****** ******* called Prowl. It is the only thing she eats and consistently keeps down. But I (wanted) to find a dry food for her as well. She has been offered the usual foods, the only food I have offered her that I consider 'outside of the box' is by **** *******. I was hoping (that) would be better for her than ******* ****, ******, etc. But this comes up with the same regularity. She is 7 years old, a healthy weight, perhaps by modern standards a touch underweight, she definitely does not have the modern day indoor cat waistline!

I just placed an order with Heartypets.com for a 12lb bag!  So far the samples are working out well and all four cats are loving it.  But better than that, I give Nattie a few pieces at a time during the day, and no signs of distress.  She ate a few pieces of Blue Buffalo by accident this morning and it came right back. 
 I have gone through so many brands of food (over the course of 7 years, never a fast change) and she would always regurgitate.  I even gave her a quarter of a Pepcid a couple times a week thinking she had an ulcer.  The Pepcid helped, but never stopped the vomiting, though she did seem more comfortable.  
Tiffany, VA

I just wanted to let you know how much we love your dog food! My sister swears by your food, so when we adopted our dog last year we decided to try your product. Our dog is a Wheaten Terrier mix, a breed that is prone to food allergies. When our Elvis came home, his skin was very dry & flaky. After a few weeks of using your [Life Advantage] chicken formula, it completely cleared up. His coat is absolutely gorgeous now. It was the best decision we made. I would highly recommend your food! Thank you again!

Jennifer- Williamstown, NJ

Just a note to express how thankful I am that I found this dog food. A few yrs ago my dog was having digestive issues, vet could not find anything wrong with him, chalked it up to him being 8 yrs old. My vet suggested probiotic along with his food, it helped but not 100%. After a few months of this I found a local Pets Plus store and they recommended VéRUS and he's been well ever since., that was 3yrs ago. Thank you so much!

- Lisa, P

Whatever they ate, came back up from time to time. I went to Superior Pet, Havertown, PA and learned about VéRUS.  In the past three years, I no longer clean up hairballs, etc. and they can keep it down! They all look beautiful as well. Now that we have two dogs, of course they're on VéRUS as well.

A friend of ours has a cat who suffered terrible for 11 years with sinus problems and needed antibiotics EVERY DAY. I told him about VéRUS and he also went to Superior Pet and decided to try it. It's been almost a year and Butterscotch is no longer sneezing and antibiotics are a thing of the past!

Thank you for making such a wonderful food. 

Marie, Philadelphia, PA

"Switched my 9 year old lab to this 2 months ago. He always had allergies and hot spots. since switching to your product, what a difference in his coat and stamina. no licking, and he loves his food. Thank You."

-Ken, PA

March 2012

My dog, Diamond, has been eating your dry dog food ever since she was 4 months old and now she just turned two on May 8th. Everyone is always saying how pretty her coat is, and how healthy she looks :)

Darlene, MD

May 2011

She was diagnosed with diabetes about 3 years ago. I gave her 5 units of insulin twice a day. Initially she ate the Hill’s for diabetic cats. Then I found Superior Pet and bought VéRUS Feline holistic cat food. It was 2006, I switched to VéRUS and after two small bags she was stable at 2 units once a day. Since she began eating this wonderful food, she is more alert, more active and her fur is like down. I am thrilled that she needs so little insulin. I know that the longer she eats VéRUS Pet Food, the healthier she becomes. Thanks for a fantastic and tasty food for my girl.

Julie, Narberth PA

After 25 yrs of breeding dogs I have finally two years ago  found a dog food that meets all the needs of my dogs at all life stages. Our motto at Plantation Delight is "Loving babies for Loving Homes." VéRUS makes this possible.


Sandy Reynolds

Owner Plantation Delight


VéRUS Petfoods rock!!! Neka age 1 has been on verus since 10 weeks old. Sindel - est age 2 - verus fed for 4 days and has no issues on the life advantage. Her coat will come in beautiful!

 Kris Feb 2012


When we got him he was having MAJOR diarrhea, he didn’t come with any food and they said they were feeding him Iams puppy sensitive food. So I had a bag of Science Diet here so I started him on that, I know better, my other Grey Fusion is on Fromms which is a good food but a little pricy, so I was looking for something not as expensive but good for him. I stopped at the Shops Pets Purfur in Reading which is only 5 minutes from my house but I was never there. The staff there helped me out greatly, I purchased a bag of Chicken meal oats and brown rice, fed him 50-50 that night, and the next day his stools were so much better, its been four days now and he’s such a different dog already, thank you for having such a great product.

Steven- Birdsboro, PA

My husband and I do not eat processed Fast Food so, we did not want to give our pets unhealthy "junk" food. We started using verus a few years ago when one of my pets was diagnosed with Kidney Disease.  The vet wanted us to feed her a special canned food purchased through him but she refused to eat it.  Basically, it was processed food with added fish oil.  While searching online for all natural food, I found verus.  We have 5 cats and I am a caretaker of a feral.  They all get verus and no one tries to bury it like they would with the other foods. I am happy knowing that our pets are getting quality and healthy food  

Chelsea- Baltimore, MD

Annie, a rescue, is not only enjoying a happy home but she loves her healthy diet with VéRUS!

Cindycindy verus pet foods

I would like to thank you for being supportive of rescues. I have been doing volunteering with MAESSR for several years now and when we were offered Oreo in September we were thrilled. Oreo is a 5-year old ESS that was found as a stray in West Virginia. He had so much pine sap and had been "skunked" that he needed to be shaved and his stomach and legs were raw from the pine sap. I have been using VéRUS for almost 2 years with my 11-year old and of course I started Oreo on it when he came to live with us. I am attaching some photos to let you know how happy he and Maggie are that they are being fed VéRUS!

-Beryl, VAoreo-verus

No Byproducts, Fillers, or Chemical Preservatives