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Rescue Frequent Feeder Program

What It's About

We’ve all seen those commercials with the sad, lethargic, mistreated pets that need a home, love, and medical attention. You want to help, but just don’t know what you can do. Here’s a chance to make a difference… Oh and by the way, we’ll even give you a FREE BAG of VéRUS Pet Foods!

What We Offer

VéRUS offers a Rescue Frequent Feeder Program. We believe that mistreated animals shouldn’t suffer any more than what they already have. For pets that have been rescued, quality holistic food provides the ability to recover and heal and nutrients essential for a healthy life. We can make a change together. All you have to do is ask your VéRUS retailer or local rescue if they offer the program. If they do not, let us know, and we will mail you a Rescue Frequent Feeder envelope. Once you have purchased 12 bags of dry dog or dry cat food, we will donate a 15 lb bag to a rescue in your name. You will also receive a free bag for you own pet as a thank you for supporting less fortunate pets.


  1. Receive a Rescue Frequent Feeder envelope from your participating VéRUS retailer, rescue, or go to the 'Contact US' and request one.
  2. Collect 12 UPC barcodes and receipt of purchase for either VéRUS dry dog formulas (same formula, same size) OR VéRUS dry cat formulas (same formula, same size). Mixed submissions will not be accepted. UPS bar codes can be found on the top, back of every VéRUS bag.
  3. Completely fill out the Rescue Frequent Feeder envelope and place your 12 UPC codes and receipts inside.
  4. Return the completed envelope to your VéRUS retailer where you bought your VéRUS bags and receive a FREE bag of VéRUS food.
  5. Upon submission of the completed envelope to your VéRUS retailer or via mail to VéRUS Pet Foods, one 15 lb. bag of VéRUS Pet Foods will be donated to the approved rescue, in the name of the person submitting the completed envelope.


  • The VéRUS Rescue Frequent Feeder program is separate program from the Buy 12 Get 1 Free VéRUS Frequent Feeder program. (Found in select retailers only)
  • Because we try to support local organizations, you may choose to help any of our participating rescues from the drop down menu provided. If you have a particular rescue that we do not currently work with, please forward their contact information and we will contact them about the program.
  • VéRUS supports other organizations other than rescues that meet our guide lines. Any other organization will be listed on our approved accounts on our site.
  • Copies/facsimiles of UPC bar codes will NOT be accepted.
  • Trial sized bags, canned formulas and/or snacks are not included in the Rescue Frequent Feeder Program.
  • Multiple submissions will not be accepted. Limit one coupon or free bag per submission.
  • Not to be combined with any other offers.
  • Rescue must be an approved exclusively feeding VéRUS rescue in order to be eligible to receive the donation.
  • VéRUS Pet Foods reserve the right to change or alter the program at any time.
  • VéRUS Pet Foods reserves the right to select one of the participating rescues as a point of donation if the rescue listed on the Rescue Frequent Feeder envelope does not meet requirements of the VéRUS Rescue Program.
  • For retail customers only.