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VéRUS Values:

Quality. Consistency. Transparency

To Our Loyal Customers

In Latin, VéRUS means true, real, proper, suitable, right.  That is exactly the foundation of VéRUS. You can trust that when you feed your dog or cat VéRUS, you truly are feeding the best quality that is honest and genuine. Further questions about our products are answered on our "FAQ" page.

Our owner, Russell Armstrong, is the “Caretaker of Quality”. He meticulously sources and directs each ingredient decision, choosing local, reliable, and consistent suppliers.

Some examples of our sourcing:

  • Chicken from cage free barns in West Virginia
  • Menhaden fish from North Eastern cold waters processed on the ship before the fish leaves the ship, using Vitamin C and Vitamin E as natural antioxidants
  • Potatoes without the use of bioengineered ingredients (commonly known as GMO's) are sourced locally in Pennsylvania

High quality chelated vitamins and minerals are fit for human consumption, while most competitors use low quality, feed grade vitamins sourced outside the US

  • Grass-fed lamb meal from New Zealand, the source of healthy flocks
  • Kelp sourced from cold waters with no petroleum contamination
  • Whole grains without the use of bioengineered ingredients (commonly known as GMO's) are used instead of fractionated sources, and are North American grown
  • Chicken fat is 99.95% clear fat coming from Cage free Chickens
  • The flax seed is ground just before blending to eliminate the potential for oxidation and assure freshness and efficacy

The right ingredients and the right formulations do make the difference.

  • We use chicory extract which acts as a natural prebiotic – improving digestibility
  • Our canned products are a palatable, delicious pate consistency
  • Our dry foods and domestically produced cans are made to highest standards in AIB (American Institute of Baking) and EU certified facilities

And on and on…

Just like you, we don’t skimp on our pets!


So How About Quality Control?

No other pet food can match the quality, freshness, and value of VéRUS. Our company has NEVER had a recall. We will continue our careful practices to prevent one.

All of our ingredients (even our vitamin-mineral premix) are sourced from USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, or Europe. Our facilities are located in the US and New Zealand. There was an article in Whole Dog Journal in 2011 that had warned consumers that some brands may be hiding the truth about the sourcing of ingredients, specifically the vitamins and minerals added to the mixture. We ensure all of our vitamins and minerals are derived from Non- Chinese sources. Often times many will say there isn't any other options than Chinese sources for pet foods. In those circumstances, we choose pharmaceutical grade sources, which is the same as when you visit your health food store. 

The cooking process is extrusion. All the ingredients are mixed together then steam and water is added to make a paste or slurry of the food. Then it is pushed through small tubes in the extruder that have steam heat lightly cooking the food. This part only takes about 14-20 seconds. It leaves the food kibble gooey on the inside and a crust on the outside. From there it is cooked or dehydrated the rest of the way in low temperature ovens or dryers at about 140 degrees. Then the fat and natural flavors are sprayed back on the kibble.

Our facilities are EU Certified. EU (European Union) certification is a certification developed by APHIS (Animal and plant health inpection service). It was developed in response to the BSE (Bovine spongiform encephalitis) crisis and is part of the EU's strategy to eradicate food-borne crises. It requires that all animal products used in pet food be derived from animals declared fit for human consumption. This provides VeRUS users a level of guarantee that no fallen animals or 4D ( Dead, dying, diseased, and disabled) meats are used in the production of our product. They purchase ingredients that follow good manufacturing and processing practices. The meats are all from USDA inspected facilities so we are not dealing with "backyard" processors that just raise meat for the pet industry. Purchasing a higher quality meat, raised for human consumption, means that the processors handle the animals with much greater care so as not to damage or bruise the meat. We use 100% antibiotic and hormone free chicken, even the feed the chickens/lambs consume has no bioengineered ingredients (Commonly known as Genetically modified organisms). In addition, our foods are preserved with mixed tocopherols (antioxidants).


Any Testing On Animals?

The ingredients added to our formulas are simple and provide all nutrition necessary for a dog/cat. There are no synthetic chemical preservatives, hormones, bioengineered ingredients (commonly known as GMO's), or by meat byproducts. For this reason, we trust the product and the ingredients in it that when we do complete a routine palatability test, we simply take the product home and feed to our own pets.

Thank you for caring about your pet and trusting us to formulate the best nutrition possible for them.

No Byproducts, Fillers, or Chemical Preservatives